Quick & Easy Guide for Cleaning Your Car Seat Cover

Car seat covers are handy items that most people tend to overlook until their car seats become dirty, worn and torn. Car seats can be very expensive to replace, but you can avoid that expense by learning how to clean your car seat covers.


Be aware that seat covers come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. So, you won’t lack crucial information for you if you do your homework.

However, as efficient as they may be, car seats tend to get dirty over time as well. I don’t really need to tell you how unpleasant a dirty car seat cover can be.

The main reason for using car seat covers is to protect the aesthetics of your car’s interior and for the seats to last longer. However, this can only be achieved if you have clean car seats at all times.

That being said, it’s important to know how to clean them properly, and this article will cover exactly that area.


Steps in Cleaning Car Seat Covers

1. Remove the cover carefully

The first step for cleaning your car seat cover is to remove it from the seat.

Here, you will want to read the user guide as well as the care instructions tag. The user guide usually has all the information for detaching and replacing the cover.

The instructions tag contains crucial cleaning information as well. There might be special instructions like avoiding hot water or certain chemicals for cleaning.

Damaging your car seat cover is the last thing you want when washing, right? So, be meticulous when performing this step.


2. Shake out the dust and some particles

The next thing you will want to do is shake out the cover.

This is just like beating a rug. Car seat covers tend to have a lot of hair and particles that can be bad news when they go into the washing machine.

To ensure that the debris doesn’t land on the floor of your car, put down some old blanket or some newspapers. This way all the dirt and debris will end out of the car.

However, I would encourage you to shake out the cover after removing it from the car, if you will want to avoid the process of putting down newspapers on the car floor.


3. Wash the cover gently

After clearing the cover of debris and particles, the next step is to wash the cover properly.

Keep in mind that most covers get destroyed if you use a washing machine. So, it is usually better to hand-wash them. Use cold water and mild soap in this process.

If you are dealing with tough stains, try to do some pre-treatment to remove them. There are numerous products on the market than can help remove tough stains easily.

Citrus based products are especially great for dealing with grease and oils stains. If you can’t use these products on the seat cover, you can pre-treat the tough stains with a liquid detergent before washing.

Keep in mind also that hot water causes the car seat cover to shrink. Therefore, it is always advisable to use cold water.

The same applies for dryers. Instead of using a dryer, hand the seat cover on a line or lay it flat on a clean outdoor surface. This will not only save energy, it will also prevent your cover from shrinking. Also, do not iron it.


Getting Rid of Pet’s Hair

Pet hair can be quite problematic since it may not come out even after washing.

A statically charged cloth or a lint brush can, however, will help you remove the hair. This might take you some time, but the last thing you want is pet hair on your cleaned car seat cover, right?


What if the Cleaning Process Doesn’t Work?

Even with regular cleaning, seat covers reach a point where they get really tough stains or get worn due to daily use.

At this point, cleaning them doesn’t really make sense. You will be looking at cleaning old covers that are less appealing even when cleaned.

In such cases, try to consider buying disposable car seat covers especially those made with 100% recyclable LDPE.


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